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Rough Draft Atlanta

Review of Material Influence:

by Isadora Pennington AUGUST 2, 2023 2023

How do you define success? Is it through accumulation of wealth, status, salvation, or something else? Is your worth tied to the clothes you wear, the brands you support, the churches you frequent, or the celebrities you exalt? If you have enough money, can you buy happiness?


Photo: Isadora Pennington

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National Television

Kate Chesnutt appears on national morning news network discussing The Metropolitan Museum of Art, antiquities, and objects in museum collections and the importance of provenance. 

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Modern Luxury - Paradigm Shift

A profile of Assistant Gallery Director, Kate Chesnutt, and the future of the arts in Atlanta and how they hope to impact the community. 

Photo: William Twitty Photography

Kate Chesnutt - Atlanta Art Consulting - Modern Luxury - July 2022.png


Review of Material Influence:

Jerry Cullum  AUGUST 28, 2023

In Maune’s Material Influence, curators Kate Chesnutt and Grace Chambless, the gallery’s executive director, provoke conversation about “the commodification of success, power, influence and salvation” asking the question: “Everything is for sale, but at what cost?”


Modern Luxury Interiors

Art and objects for an Atlanta collector featured in Modern Luxury Interiors. The foyer features artwork by Frank Hyder, “Untitled (Shaman),” as well as a Zapotec funerary urn, associated with Monte Albán, Oaxaca, sourced from Labyrinth Curation, on loan from a private collection.

Interiors: Ron Jones 

Photo: Morgan Nowland Photography

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