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Daniel Motz

"One or Two?"

Sunglasses, Fasteners, Plastic, Paint, Assemblage on Panel

39 x 39 inches

Daniel Motz - One or Two?

Excluding Sales Tax
  • In my abstract assemblages, the parts I am using lose their identity completely; they form a new body, a new entity, with totally different functions than the original ones. It is a realistic approach (one can recognize many of the original parts used) but not a representational one. Representation bleeds into abstraction and vice versa.

    I take apart a large variety of found objects such as typewriters, movie projectors, film cameras, plactics, reel to reel tape decks, sewing machines, etc. and use their parts.The individual objects and the marks they make coexist.

    By changing the essential properties of the initial, found parts and using rational schemes and known mechanical principles, I connect them with the intent of manipulating them into a new idea, engaging the materials to see where it takes me. The connections are like joints in a human body or like potential connections of parts capable of creating motion or energy. The resulting things might look like abstractions that have the qualities of a futuristic city viewed from space or of complicated machinery. Looking for connections to any realistic object is futile because not enough information is given. The meaning of each piece is left to the viewer to figure out.

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