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Cydney Parkes

"The Pause"

Mixed Media, Concrete, Pink Pigment, Rope.

9 x 4 x 3 feet





Cydney Parkes - The Pause

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  • The sculptures' sheer size and presence command attention, but it's the embodiment of the universal pause symbol that draws viewers in. Made from concrete, it captures the essence of stillness, inviting passersby to momentarily halt their ceaseless rush and engage with the present moment. The sculptures stand facing each other, leaving a significant gap between them. This space, represents the 'in-between,' and becomes a sanctuary for reflection, meditation, and connection.As visitors pause in this space, they are encouraged to engage with the sculpture’s subtle imperfections and textures of the concrete which I made to remind us that true beauty is often found in the details and intricacies of life, and not just in the grandeur.

    Materials and Color 
    The sculpture is made from concrete, symbolizing solidity and endurance. Concrete is known for its strength and durability, representing resilience and stability. Yet, in its initial liquid state, it is malleable and fluid, capable of transformation and adaptation. This duality mirrors the human experience – the ability to endure and overcome challenges while remaining open to growth and change.The concrete sculpture is kept in its natural color with a light pink wash accented throughout the surface. Light pink is frequently linked to qualities of sensitivity, compassion, and understanding. It conveys a gentle and caring demeanor, often associated with nurturing and empathy.

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