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This group exhibition was collaboration with Maune Contemporary and their Director, Grace Chambless. The show ran from August 2023 through September and brought together eight artists: Brock DeBoer, Jacob Deimler (aka RVNES), John Fields, Plastic Jesus, Justyna Kisielewicz, Dayani Muñoz, Kenny Scharf, and Nick Veasey. 



In today's digital age, there is a growing emphasis on material possessions and pre-packaged experiences as symbols of status and influence. The pursuit of monetary success has become deeply ingrained in the fabric of society, with people often using their acquisitions to publicly demonstrate their achievements and portray a happy life.


People’s perception of reality is often shaped by digital platforms. Today, the focus has shifted from being genuinely successful and happy to merely appearing so through the lens of social media.


Social currency is now measured through public displays such as wearing the latest fashion trends, being photographed with influencers at exclusive events, or being acknowledged at a place of religious worship. Each endeavor, from fashion to faith, caters to a specific audience that values and consumes its content.


Algorithms employed by social media platforms further reinforce these narrow definitions of achievement by creating feedback loops that encourage visually striking displays. Those who seek influence, power, or even redemption are willing to pay and go to extreme lengths to gain acceptance in the public arena.


Traditional markers of a rich and well-lived life, such as time spent with loved ones, cultural traditions, and fellowship, are overshadowed by material wealth and often-hollow affirmations posted online. We have become trapped by our belongings and our constant need for validation.


This raises the question of how material objects and purchased experiences exert a material influence on us and shape the way others perceive us.

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